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Need a Goat? Buy a Mitsubishi!

Posted in auto industry, Bizarre, Car Accessories, Car Deals, Mitsubishi, Newsworthy by Alex Kierstein | May 28th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |
<i>A painting made by a happy Triton owner of his new goat.</i>

A painting made by a happy Triton owner of his new goat.

Er, at least in New Zealand, where if you buy a Mitsubishi Triton pickup, you can get a free goat! April 1st has long past, so we’re left to assume that either someone at Mitsubishi’s antipodal marketing department has been whacked in the head with a frozen echidna, or they actually are for real. Jump on through for some select quotes from the press release.

<i>The Mitsubishi Triton. Goat not pictured.</i>

The Mitsubishi Triton. Goat not pictured.

“We firmly believe that New Zealand’s recovery is in the hands of the rural sector and they’re the people who are buying our utes,” said MMNZ general manager of sales and marketing Peter Wilkins. “Goats, like our Tritons, are hardy, versatile units, which will integrate directly into existing farm operations”.

“And, most importantly, there is no such thing as Goat Flu – so no threat to tourism. It’s hard to see a downside,” he added.

“On the off chance that the purchaser already has enough goats or feels that goat herding is better left to those in drier climes, we’ll supply a ‘no goat package’ consisting of a five-year/100,000km extended warranty, five free WOF inspections, 5,000km road user charges, five years of roadside assistance and $500 of genuine or approved Triton accessories,” Mr Wilkins said.

[Source: Mitsubishi via Jalopnik]

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