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A Visit to the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

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As painful as it may be to admit, the biggest spectator sport in the United States is in fact, NASCAR. With crowds averaging around 99,000 per event, the NASCAR faithful have cemented themselves in automotive history as the uber fans of American motor sports. As most of you know NASCAR got its roots from the good old days when moonshiners would soup up their transport cars in order to make them fast enough to outrun the revenuers. Those moonshiners then began to brag amongst themselves as to whose car was faster, then a few races ensued and PRESTO – NASCAR was born. Our friends over at RalfBecker.com just happen to take a little side trip to the NASCAR Hall of Fame down in Charlotte, NC whence on their way to the Continental Tire Challenge and Rolex 24 at Daytona Speedway. Up on their arrival they looked around and then interviewed NASCAR historian Buz McKim, who gave them a great history lesson on how the boys of the big ovals came to be.

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