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NASA/GM co-developed humanoid robot will go skyward in September.

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Wow, I can safely say I never thought I’d come up with a title like that. Later this year NASA will be sending a new permanent resident to the International Space Station. At 300 lbs. the R2 robot is all upper body strength with just a head, torso, two arms and two hands. He’s set to launch on the space shuttle Discovery in September and once unloaded the goal is to see how the R2 performs in zero gravity.

Alan Taub, vice president of GM’s global research and development states: “The work done by GM and NASA engineers also will help us validate manufacturing technologies that will improve the health and safety of our GM team members at our manufacturing plants throughout the world.”

You have to admit that all of this stuff is pretty darn cool and is very reminiscent of something from Arthur C. Clark’s famed 2001. Who knows, maybe one day we will have walking, talking robotic friends. Only time will tell, but with happenings like these the future looks to be very exciting.

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