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Naked Crackhead Tasered By Cops After Vandalizing Parking Lot

Posted in Bizarre, Newsworthy, Parking by Suzanne Denbow | December 9th, 2008 | 1 Response |

In Austin, Texas, a 28-year-old man suspected to be under the heavy influence of an illicit substance – possibly PCP – began terrorizing a local parking lot on Sunday. Responding to reports of two men righting near Sam Rayburn drive, police officers found the 28-year-old completely nude, jumping up and down on the roofs of parked cars. According to surprisingly unfazed witnessed the scene, the man was most likely a dope fiend who had been refused a fix by his local dealer. Explained neighbor and eye witness, Martha Gonzalez, “He just wanted dope. He was just trippin’ because the guy didn’t want to give him none.” Added a bemused Gonzalez, “He was like butt-naked…He didn’t have nothing, no underwear, nothing, just going off.”

Incapable of apprehending the man peacefully and too many eye witnesses preventing them from delivering any sort of sound ass kicking, police officers were forced to use a Taser to subdue the man. After taking him into custody, officers then escorted the man to Brackenridge hospital before booking him in the Travis County Jail.

Source: KAXN, Local News

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One Response

  1. Rock517 says:

    Woulda been the height of irony if he woulda been jumping up and down on a Chevy Volt when he was tased.