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MG Kills TF Roadster’s American Debut, Correctly Assumes U.S. Market Already Saturated With Fruity Little Cars

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MG TF Roadster

MG TF Roadster

After China’s Nanjing Automobile Corporation bought the ailing MG Rover back in 2005, all traces of new production had virtually disappeared. Three years later, MG’s ghost town of a plant in Longbridge, England has begun to churn out cars again, though in a very small capacity. According to NAC MG’s Sales & Marketing Director, Gary Hagen, the small number of TF Roadsters currently being assembled are meant to serve as the comeback kids for the MG line. Originally, a slightly over-ambitious NAC MG had plans to introduce the MG TF Roadster to the United States, but Sales & Marketing Director Gary Hagen reportedly told UK’s Austin Rover that the U.S. “just isn’t on the short-term radar as an anticipated market for us.”

According to Hagen, MG is planning 4 new models, the first of which is slated for launch in 2010 and will share the Roewe 550 platform. “After that,” Hagen continued, “There will be a C-Segment compact and a B-Segment supermini.” Although an eventual North American launch is still very much in the cards, MG is wisely opting to regain their footing on their home turf before throwing themselves into the cutthroat U.S. market.

[Source: Austin-Rover UK]

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