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MythBusters: Lumber Car MiniMyth

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Volkswagen Jetta

It’s one of the most famous automotive photos on the internet. It’s that little maroon Volkswagen Jetta with the 3,000 lbs. of wood on the roof and a rear suspension that’s in utter trauma. For years people have been claiming that this photo was indeed a fake, but according to the owner, not only was it real, but he was able to drive his ailing Jetta home. Thankfully we live in a world where myths are not only proven, but put to rest thanks to our favorite Mythbusters, Jamie Heineman and Adam Savage. In my opinion the following Mythbusters segment proves two things. First, that the Volkswagen Jetta is one hell of an automobile and two, Jamie Heineman and Adam Savage still have one of the coolest jobs ever created for television.

Source: Discovery Channel

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