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My Lust: 1963-65 ATS 2500 GT

Posted in Favorite Cars, Ferrari by Dustin Driver | March 30th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

This is RideLust. We have, ahem, unhealthy obsessions with cars. But which cars? Most car junkies get raging . . . crushes when they see Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Vettes, Alfas, etc. What sets us apart? More pointedly, what sets me apart? ¬†In this series I’ll show you the seriously sexy sheet metal that absolutely floors me. First up: The 1963-65 ATS 2500 GT. Hit the jump to find out why good things happen when Enzo Ferrari fires his engineers.

Enzo Ferrari could be a total asshole. In 1961 he had one of his greatest moments. A team of his engineers, led by Carlo Chiti and Giotto Bizzarrini, complained that Enzo’s wife was meddling with the business. So Enzo fired them. Chiti and Bizzarrini, understandably pissed, decided to form their own company to challenge Ferrari. ATS (Automobili Turismo e Sport) was born. They built the ATS 2500 GT, the first mid-engined Italian sports car.

The 2500 GT was designed by the brilliant Franco Scaglione, who would later pen the breathtaking Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale. It had an advanced space frame chassis and a Chiti-designed overhead-cam 2.5-liter V8 good for somewhere around 250 horsepower. It was fast in its day, and handled well.

Unfortunately,  funding dried up and ATS withered away after a few years. Only a handful of the road cars were ever built.

I think the 2500 GT is gorgeous. There’s just something about that stubby nose, that flowing greenhouse, those big trapezoidal air vents, those muscular haunches. In many regards it lacks the finesse of later mid-engined marvels like the Lamborghini Miura or (gasp) the Ferrari Dino. But you can see the rage in its raw, almost hasty lines. This car was a big “fuck you” to Enzo Ferrari. And I love it.

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