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“My Classic Car” host loses house in pre-Christmas Fire.

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Dennis Gage My Classic Car House Fire

If you’re familiar with Speed TV then you’ve no doubt watched “My Classic Car”, hosted by Dennis Gage. Gage is best known for his trademark handlebar mustache, wonderfully cheery disposition and love for the classic automobile. On December 23rd however tragedy struck the Gage family as fire ripped through their home in northern Vanderburgh County in Indiana. The fire apparently broke out at around 2:45am at 13930 Brownwood Lane, where Gage’s wife Ellen and son Samuel were located. Martha Scheessele, the spokeswoman for Gage’s production company MadStache, said that at the time of the incident Gage was actually in Chicago visiting his ill mother.

Dennis Gage My Classic Car House Fire

According to Scott Township Fire Department Chief Keith Kahre, the rear of the Gage household was fully engulfed when they arrived on the scene. Unfortunately the house was determined to be a total loss and in a statement Chief Keith Kahre said,

“The damage is so great they’re probably going to have to bring in some machinery to move some big pieces of the house around. The rest of the house is very unstable, and we’ll need to get it shored up,”

Dennis Gage is a true asset to the automotive community as he has brought to light so many classic automobiles that may otherwise have been forgotten. Our hearts go out to the Gage family and we truly hope that life will return back to normal for them as soon as possible.

Source: courierpress.com

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  1. 68SportFury says:

    Geez, that is horrific to look at. Glad to hear that Gage’s family is safe.