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“My Car Is My Lover” Documentary Answers All The Questions You’ve Never Asked (Except That One Time)

Posted in Auto Show, Cars, General, Videos by Chris | May 27th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |

Well, you definitely didn’t ask for it. But we’re giving it to y’all anyway. That’s right, as a follow up to yesterday’s post about Edward Smith, enthusiast, dragon, and tailpipe-pumper extraordinaire, we’ve got the interview he broke out of anonymity to appear in.

Past this door lays (or lies, I never can remember) the six part channel Five documentary on Mechaphilia. Finish what you are eating. And make sure you have something decent in another tab on your browser. You know, just in case your mother or roommate walks up on you unexpectedly.

Editor’s Note: Just so we’re clear folks, this is not what we mean by “RideLust.”

My Car Is My Lover (Part 2)

My Car Is My Lover (Part 3)

For this segment, you’ll have to hit up YouTube directly as embedding was disabled upon request. We’re guessing “shame” might have had something to do with it…

My Car Is My Lover (Part 4)

My Car Is My Lover (Part 5)
Again, this clip can only be viewed on YouTube. Assuming extreme vomiting hasn’t already interrupted your viewing, of course.

My Car Is My Lover (Part 6)

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