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2001 Mustang

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2001 Stang

2001 Mustang

About The 2001 Mustang
The fifth generation of Mustangs is incredible and still wildly popular, most likely because they still exhibit the features of the original 1964 Mustang. The Mustang is sporty, yet not tiny, and offers as many options as some luxury vehicles not to mention powerful engines that are fun for driving on or off the track.

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The horsepower is powerful even on the base models, and the GT and higher Mustang models have even more horsepower and torque that really turn heads. An outstanding motor, amazing style, and new and improved options every year have allowed Mustang to achieve legendary status. This pony car offers the style and power that every sports car driver desires, yet at an amazingly affordable price that almost anyone can afford. The Mustang is a true legend that just keeps getting better. The 2001 Mustang is just another model year that managed to please consumers once again.

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