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1985 Mustang

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1985 Ford Mustang

1985 Mustang

About The 1985 Mustang
Some changes occurred during the 1985 Mustang model year that rounded out the lineup in its 21st year. For example, the L model was done away with while the LX model became the base model. Additionally, the GT became even better and had more options. Only four engines were available which is less than the year before yet the 5.0 motor stuck around. The SVO model remained in the lineup although it also underwent some changes. And although convertibles were available the T tops stuck around as an option and were available in 1985. The T tops would be a Mustang option until 1988.

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The 1985 Mustang GT received rave reviews and it was reviewed and tried by an unbelievable number of individuals in the press. The low price for the outstanding performance and pony car power from the ’60s is what fed the majority of the good reviews.

The model year 1985 saw a Mustang production rate of 156,514, which was a pretty good showing. The introduction of the 210 horsepower motor might have influenced sales a bit as well!

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