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1982 Mustang

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About The 1982 Mustang
The 1982 Mustang had an interesting marketing campaign that stated “The Boss is back!” This slogan developed because the Mustang GT appeared in its first model year with a Fox platform although the GT had been part of the Mustang lineup in the past. In addition to the Mustang GT making a reappearance in 1982 the HO engine made its entrance into the lineup. The 302 HO engine was true to its name although it did work with a two barrel carburetor. The GT with the HO ended up being rated quickest domestic car for the model year not to mention being the cheapest and lightest GT available.

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Perhaps the most important aspect of the 1982 GT was that it really introduced the muscle car back to America. It wasn’t the same muscle car as before but it almost felt that way. Total Mustang production in 1982 was 130,418.

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