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1969 Mustang

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About The 1969 Mustang
The 1969 Mustang was still making consumers happy and selling out from dealerships fast. There were new cars in the 1969 lineup that made for some diversity and kept consumers on their toes. These included the Mach 1, Boss, and Grande. Of course adding these to the lineup affected sales of the GT, however the GT would not be continued in the next model year whereas the new three would.

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There was a significant amount of design changes for 1969. First of all the Fastback 2+2 was replaced by the new SportsRoof Mustang. The size of the Mustangs changed significantly as well. The 1969 Mustang retained the 108 inch wheelbase the Mustang was begun on, however the pony car was almost four inches longer than the last two model years. As far as engines are concerned, 1969 saw plenty of changes there too.

The standard Mustang engine was the 200 cubic inch six cylinder as it had been, however there was a new economy engine available this year. It was the 250 cubic inch six that consumers could opt for. The base V8 was not changed and remained the 302-2V. However, the 302-4V and the 390-2V were no longer used in 1969 while the 390-4V stuck around. New engines available in 1969 were the 351-2V and the 351-4V.

The prices on the Mustang still remained affordable in 1969, although prices did rise somewhat.

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