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Murdered Hell’s Angels Leader Mark “Papa” Guardado Laid To Rest Monday, Usual Repartee Respectfully Withheld

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On September 15, 2008, over 2,000 Hell’s Angels members from across the globe took to the streets to participate in Mark “Papa” Guardado’s last ride. 46 year-old San Francisco resident Guardado was the leader of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle club, and died September 2 after being gunned down outside the Hell’s Angels clubhouse. At the time of his death, Guardado was purportedly involved in an ongoing argument with Mongol motorcycle gang leader Christopher Albett, and police have publicly identified Albett as their chief suspect.

On Monday, Guardado’s funeral service was held in Daly City and Duggan’s Serra Mortuary, and he he was laid to rest in Colma in Cypress Lawn Cemetary. According to several accounts, the sheer presence of the deafening funeral procession shut down gawking traffic on both sides of Interstate 280 for more than two hours. Obviously too somber to raise their typical hell, local police reported no incidents involving the mourners, aside from a few minor traffic-related accidents. Although many sources tried, the Hell’s Angels were kept stone silent to the press. Explained one member guarding the parking lot during the services, “We don’t get along with the press…And if you stick a camera in someone’s face, you’re asking for trouble.” In concluding their summary of the events, the Daily News perfectly understated the Hell’s Angels public relations policy: “The San Francisco Hells Angels could not be reached for comment.”

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