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Richard Pollock’s “Mule Motorcycles”

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Mule Motorcycles

The old adage of “do what you love and you’ll never work another day again”, is actually quite true. I mean think about that for a moment. If you’re able to take whatever it is that makes you happy and turn it into a full-on job, then in essence you’re really getting paid to enjoy yourself on a daily basis. In reality few people get to do this, however there are those who have found a way. This is Richard Pollock, owner of Mule Motorcycles in Poway, CA. He’s not only one of the most talented builders out there, but he’s living the dream by way of envisioning, creating and selling his two-wheeled visions. His bikes have an old school feel to them as Pollack grew up in Southern California around dirt tracks and scramble style motorbikes. Each one is unique and is built around the individual owners tastes. They’re beautiful, functional and at days end, all works of two-wheeled art. Click through for the video and enjoy.

Source: RalfBecker.com

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