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Mugen JDM Honda Odyssey Reminds You Of Sweet Life Before Kids

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Despite the fact that it’s disproportionately cool given its intended use as a carpooling, grocery-getting, breeder-mover, the Mugen JDM Honda Odyssey is an undeniably sick ride. Interestingly enough, the aftermarket overhaul JDM performed stopped just short of popping the hood and gutting the stock engine – mostly because it wasn’t necessary. While I can’t stand the average minivan driver (for further reference, please see: “most women can’t drive”), I will admit that the Honda Odyssey’s stock 203-hp engine delivers a relatively impressive performance on the open road, and the acceleration response on it isn’t that bad either. Apparently JDM was inclined to agree because the Mugen JDM Odyssey only received an exterior pimping – and what a pimping it was.

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In order to make any minivan cool, a significant effort has to be put into disguising the fact that it’s a minivan, and JDM did just that. Both the front and rear fascias are completely unrecognizable, and the grill work, rear spoiler, and side ground effects are enough ro make it almost pass for an elongated CRX (I said almost).

Source: Nihon Car via AutoBlog

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  1. Adam says:

    FYI the JDM Honda Odyssey is not the same vehicle as the one in the US market. It is actually a station wagon and not a minivan. Take a look at the rear doors.