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Mr. Angry’s Gift Giving Advice for the Holiday’s.

Posted in Car Accessories, Car Buying, car modifications, Horsepower, Hot Rods by MrAngry | December 6th, 2010 | 1 Response |
Holiday Gift Ideas

Isn't that Vette' awesome?

As car enthusiasts we’d like you to take a moment to realize how important the holiday’s are to us. It’s the one time of year that we actually have the opportunity to get what we want, but that only happens if you follow the rules. For example, you as the gift giver, may think that a $100 gift card to the local mall is a wonderful thing. You’re thinking, “This is a perfect gift, my special someone can go out and get some socks, a shirt and maybe some pants”. Well… you’d be wrong, as this is in fact a terrible gift and one that will ruin our entire holiday and most likely our New Years as well.

Holiday Gift Ideas

To buy for a car person, you need to think like a car person and look at what they do. For example, if your car person is constantly changing their oil and transmission fluid, putting on new windshield wipers, or washing their cars in the driveway. Then a gift card from places like AutoZone, Pep Boys, NAPA or Advanced Auto Parts may be for them. Here they can buy all their fluids, quick fix parts like brake pads and wiper blades as well as any other automotive nick-nacks they may require. Any car guy can not only use stuff from these places, but will appreciate not having to pay for these items.

Holiday Gift Ideas

If you see your car person constantly under the car, pulling out engines or transmissions, yanking wheels on and off, then you may want to get them something from a good performance parts warehouse like Jegs or Summit Racing. Here they can get everything from jacks and jack stands, engine blocks to carburetors and hoses to fittings… you name it, they can get it here.

That's the garage... it's where the gifts go.

Is your car person into autoracing? Are they going to the race track every weekend? If so then get them something from a site like SafeRacer.com or RacerWholesale.com. Sites like these will help them find anything and everything related to safety equipment for themselves and their car. Maybe they need a new helmet, driving suit or possibly a new set of gloves, if so then these are the places for them. Tires and wheels are other items that all car people need, for these try out sites like Tirerack.com or DiscountTireDirect.com. They have tire and wheel combo packages and will ship anywhere you’d like. Plus with their integrated tire fitment configurators they can also help to take most of the guess work out of the equation.

Holiday Gift Ideas

My point is this – every car guy or gal who is into cars is, INTO CARS. We eat, sleep and breathe them. We know exactly what we want, what we need, when we need it and where to get it. So if you have a special someone in your life that loves these four-wheeled machines like we do and want to get them something that they’ll really love then go back and reread the above. I promise you that you’ll be a rock star on that special day. BTW… all of the above applies to Birthdays, any holiday, all days of the week, daytime & nighttime as well as every hour of everyday pertaining, but not limited to, the known universe.

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