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It’s Time… I’m Moving to California

Posted in Best of, General, Rants & Raves, Road Trips, Travel by MrAngry | August 30th, 2011 | 7 Responses |

Heading to California

It’s true… I’m moving to sunny California. In fact I’m currently 625 miles into my journey as I type this from my hotel room from someplace in Ohio. Understand that moving 3,000 miles away from the Motherland (New York City) for me is a big deal. You see I’ve lived my entire life in and around the boroughs of Manhattan. In fact I was born in NYC proper at the now defunct St. Vincents Hospital down in Greenwich Village. I’ve lived in 5th floor walk-ups, battled giant rats one-on-one that would kill a normal man, and had all manner of guns, knives and pipes pulled on me on the subway. I was also right there in the mix on 9/11, a day that will forever be burned into my psyche as one of the worst days of my existence. In some ways being a New Yorker has made me hard and mean with a short fuse that can be ignited at a moments notice, but it’s also made me sharp as a f*ckin’ razor when it comes to people who try to get one over on me. New York is a blessing and a curse, but in the end, it will always be who I am.

Heading to California

All of this angst however does take its toll and in recent years it’s made me wish for a better quality of life in a place where I can enjoy my passion for cars year round. For this, California got the nod, San Francisco, CA to be exact and I’m very much looking forward to settling in out there. Now please understand that while this obviously benefits me the most, it will also benefit you guys as there is car stuff going on 24/7/365, something that I plan to take full advantage of. So, with all of that being said I’ve decided to post a quick pick of the uber-rig I’m currently driving on my journey. It’s a 22-foot International box truck with a big honkin’ diesel engine and a whopping top speed of 71 mph. Sure it’s not fast, but quite frankly I could care less as it’s transporting me to a place that will hopefully help me become a better all around car guy.

Now granted, the only two pictures here are of the as-mentioned box truck, but that’s only because the United States doesn’t get exciting until you hit Colorado. Tomorrow I’ll be heading through Indiana, Illinois and Iowa and while they’re definitely not a hotbed of activity (unless you’re a cow) I will try to bring you at least one interesting road story so stay tuned and wish me luck!

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7 Responses

  1. mac says:

    Hey man, good luck from the UK! Safe journey…

  2. David E. says:

    Congrats on the big move I hope it goes well for you. Now time for some verbal abuse. You said “quote” “the United States doesn’t get exciting until you hit Colorado” What a bull shit line is that? Stop off in Cleveland and go to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, then go south and stop in to visit Mid-Ohio race course which is one of the best race tracks in the great United States. Then once you leave Ohio stop in Indiana an visit all of the GREAT automobile museums in that state and don’t forget about Indy. I think Detroit would be a good stop too. I thought you said you are a car guy, I hope this move out west will help your dispostion and outlook on the Midwest states.

    • Kurt Ernst says:

      David E., I think Mike meant that the roads in the US don’t get exciting until you hit Colorado. I’m inclined to agree with him on that point, but I’ll admit that Cleveland (and much of the Midwest) has some pleasant surprises. As long as you don’t have to drive through Nebraska…

  3. BigRuss says:

    have fun driving… did the infamous Charger get shipped out there or what happened to it?

  4. Randy says:

    Good Luck, and have a safe trip. Randy

  5. Set says:

    Why anyone would want to move to this backward state is beyond me. Anyways, I hope the journey goes well, and you enjoy it out here.

  6. Ladon says:

    Check out cencallx.com, We are a car club that has a very active member base and alot of people in the bay area! We attend alot of car shows and track events. Your Magnum SRT8 would be very welcome in the group!