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Moving to California: Day 3 & 4

Posted in Best of, General, Rants & Raves, Road Trips by MrAngry | September 2nd, 2011 | 1 Response |

Bonneville Salt Flats

Well it’s been 2,353 miles so far and I’m happy to report that the big International is running strong. So we blasted through Illinois, Nebraska and Iowa which were boring as hell from our view on Interstate 80 heading westbound. Wyoming, Utah and Nevada however are a totally different story as the terrain had finally begun to change and we were able to ditch over 1,500 miles of pure corn. We are now residing at the start of the Bonneville Salt Flats in Nevada and truth be told, it’s epic. I’ve been here before, but I’m always amazed just how overwhelming it is when you see it in person. Its expanse is mind boggling and the fact that it is the home of the land speed record is like hitting the holy grail for a car guy.

Bonneville Salt Flats

I had a chance to run out onto the salt and let me tell you something… it’s pretty frickin’ slick out there. Running down the flats at 70 mph is one thing, but 800 mph?!? Now that’s just crazy talk. You see it’s slick, very slick, so driving on it has to be about as safe as driving on a wet road. I give those speed junkies full credit for risking life and limb out there, because those guys are just a completely different type of crazy.

Utah Red Rocks

Utah is simply beautiful and is probably my favorite state to drive through. The red rocks and massive peaks are just stunning, and in some way it makes you feel like there is a greater power out there that we as humans just don’t know about yet. As for everything else… well, lets just say I’m looking forward to making it to Califoria in the next 600 miles.

Road Food
*Three eggs, chopped prime rib, onions and mushrooms over french fries with tabasco… Yeah, that was a good idea.

Obviously the main reason is that I’ll be at my new home, but a strong secondary is that I’ll finally be able to get a good meal as all of this road food is playing havoc with my insides. Otherwise we’re still motoring and will keep ya’ll posted – stay tuned!

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  1. Sam Pack says:

    The Salt and mountains look beautiful but also like it’s in the middle of nowhere; not an area where you would want to run out of gas (looks like there isn’t one for miles).