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Moving to California: Day 2

Posted in Best of, Rants & Raves, Road Trips, Roads by MrAngry | August 31st, 2011 | 3 Responses |

World's Largest Truck Stop
*The world’s largest truck stop…

Well it’s day 2 of my cross country move to Cali and let me say that when I said yesterday that stuff doesn’t get exciting until you hit Colorado, what I meant was that I-80 Westbound is one of the most boring stretches of road in existence. For example, I just drove through the rest of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and landed in Iowa, and let me tell you… if I see any more roadside corn I’m going to vomit. Yes, there are wonderful automotive attractions in some of these states, but for shear visceral stimulation you might as well be staring at plywood. Tomorrow’s drive should be better, at least the second half anyway as I still have to muscle through more corn in the remainder of Iowa and Nebraska. After that though I hit Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and then finally, California, states where the landscape is a bit more pleasing to the eye.

More Corn
*More frickin’ corn…

I did however hit a few high notes. First was when I got the International up to 78 mph by popping it in neutral while drafting a large semi downhill (I think I had a tailwind too). Then we passed Tire Rack headquarters in South Bend, IN; a place I’ll be heading back to next May for the running of the 2012 One Lap of America. And lastly, we drove past the worlds largest truck stop in Iowa… talk about exciting. My hope is that tomorrow brings some sort of adventure because as of right now, aside from a sore ass, I’m bored as hell.

Tire Rack
*This is Tire Rack HQ… exciting, no?

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3 Responses

  1. mapko15 says:

    I hear you I live in northwest Indiana im sure you passed my house if you were on I-65. The drives around here are boring as hell nothing but corn. But in crown point where I live every Thursday all the car guys get together in town and show their cars usually there are a lot of nice muscle and classics mixed with one or two Lamborghini’s and Porsche’s. Your charger would fit perfectly.

  2. Austin Schutz says:

    Wyoming will be more of the same for quite a while…except everything is dead…

  3. Rough haul Mike. I did it in the 70 mach 1 coming back from filming Bullrun. You want to be in Wyoming and Utah during daylight hours. Nevada not so much.