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Motorcycles: 2010 Fischer MRX

Posted in Motorcycle, Videos by MrAngry | June 24th, 2010 | 3 Responses |

It’s brand new and already out of date, just what the motorcycling public wants. I remember years ago reading about this new American motorcycle company called Fischer Motorcycles that never seemed to get off the ground. Started by former AMA racer Dan Fischer, Fischer motorcycles is what happens when you don’t have the proper funding for a company yet you press on out of sheer will. Well it’s now 2010 and Fischer just gave Motorweek a preview of its new bike, the MRX, a bike with all the technology of a mid-90’s Ducati.

Fischer MRX 650

It utilizes a frame made by the same company that made the frame for the outdated Harley VR1000 superbike, the engine, a 650cc Korean mill produced by Hyosung makes 80 hp and 52 lb-ft torque (with carbs mind you), the transmission is Japanese and the brakes are Italian… hmm, sounds like it should all work out just fine right? The price for the new Fischer MRX is around $8000.00 which is about $1000 more than a Kawasaki 650R. I suppose if you’re feeling patriotic than the Fischer MRX could be the bike for you, but if you’re like me and want something from a company that is tried and true you may want to keep looking. Just my two cents.

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3 Responses

  1. Mike R. says:

    Why is it already out of date? Looks cool.

  2. I think this review is all wrong, as though it was written by someone quickly after perusing an article, re-posting some commenter’s post, or perhaps just uninformed as to the current state of motorcycle technology.

    Structurally, this vehicle seems superior in some ways to much more expensive offerings.
    Anyway, as an engineer, I can say there are aspects of this bike that trump all others…and it’s $8k! World’s only one-piece frame? Ohlins? Brembo? For 8K? Seriously, I’m ordering one today. I’ll repost after I get it.

    • Brian.B says:

      Ok… I don’t think that this will be a bad bike to ride, but as far as being the bike that trumps all others… that is crazy. The companies mantra “American made motorcycle”…. it’s two thirds Korean!!!! Hyosung wheels, Hyosung forks, Hyosung Engine, Hmmmmmm why not just buy a Hyosung for $2000 less???? For $8k you could buy two used high end Japanese bikes that would “Trump” the Fischer. I have riden two Hyosung 650’s, they are great… for what they are, just not fantastic. Where are the radial mounted brakes???? pretty much standard now, and no fuel injection?? Soooo if a pig had Brembos and an Ohlins shock atatched to it…. would you run out and buy one of those too lol :) If you want a fun twin with quality components just buy a used Duc, or a Sv!!! Word!! Hope they have good luck selling these bikes, it’s a hard market to break into….