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Motorcycle Cop May Be The Best Rider I’ve Ever Seen

Posted in Cool Stuff, Harley Davidson, Motorcycle, Police, Videos by Kurt Ernst | July 23rd, 2011 | 1 Response |

I’ve always said that motorcycle cops are some of the best riders on the planet. Their training course, in virtually any department, is among the most challenging things you can do in law enforcement. These guys throw around 700 pound Harleys like they were scooters, and their low-speed bike handling skills are second to none.

This video comes from a recent “rodeo” event in Grand Prairie, TX. I’ve been riding for a lot of years, and I’ll say this flat out: I doubt I could run the course without hitting a cone on a 250cc bike, let alone a full size Harley. I know for certain that I couldn’t match this guy’s time, no matter what I was riding. Despite the comments at the end of the video, a single training course won’t have you riding like this: what you see here takes years of practice, and a lot of low speed crashing.

Source: You Tube

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One Response

  1. BigRuss says:

    saw it earlier in the week…. i couldnt do that with training wheels AND on a scooter