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Motorcycle Crash Results In Odd Ballet

Posted in Crashes, General, Racing, Videos by MrAngry | June 27th, 2011 | 1 Response |

Motorcycle Crash

Motorcycle racing is a facet of motor sport that requires skill, finesse and the willingness to accept the unpredictable. I’ve been down this road before so I can tell you from experience that when things go wrong, they go wrong big. For the most part accidents occur due to the fault of the rider, however sometimes another racer is the cause of the mishap which not only causes friction between the riders, but in some cases, the motorcycles as well. Here we see a group of riders braking hard into a corner when one rider tucks the front end, thus sending the bike into a slide. The out of control bike then takes out another rider and in the process causes the two motorcycles to get tangled in a pretty interesting track ballet. Obviously the rider who was taken out was somewhat upset by the whole ordeal, but hey… that’s racing.

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One Response

  1. Taylor says:

    Wonder what the odds are of having the bikes tangle in such a way as to have the throttle stuck open like that?

    Luckily, it looks like no one was hurt.