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Motor Trend Hoons a 2012 Lexus LFA

Posted in Burnouts, General, Hoonage, Import Rides, Lexus, Rides, Videos by MrAngry | July 23rd, 2011 | 1 Response |

Lexus LFA

The Lexus LFA costs around $400,000, has a 552-hp/354 lb-ft of torque V-10 and will run up to a top speed of 204 mph. These are impressive numbers, especially for a limited edition car with no history or pedigree behind it. The LFA was an exercise in design and engineering for Lexus that apparently worked because all 500 of these little Japanese beauties have been sold to lucky owners around the world. Motor Trend recently got a hold of one but instead of illustrating the finer points of the car, they simply decided to beat the crap out of it instead. Honestly, I can’t say I would’ve done any different because let’s face it, this sucker screams! Click through for the video.

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One Response

  1. BigRuss says:

    i love the black and white footage…. its just awesome seeing that car being driven by someone who knows what it can do… and wont stop till its done that adn then some