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Most Annoying Things People Hang From Rearview Mirrors

Posted in Car Accessories, Cars, Custom, Funny, Pop Culture by Frank | December 3rd, 2010 | 3 Responses |

People hang stuff from their rearview mirrors — it’s just a fact of life. And this particular fact of life has gotten so pervasive that some people have even taken to calling it “hanging culture” (which sounds like something out of a western) or “dangling culture” (which sounds like something completely different that I wouldn’t want to touch). Suffice to say that it’s potentially a hazard to the driver, occasionally a hazard to other motorists, and can drive up car insurance premiums on a daily basis. So what are some of the most annoying, absurd and ridiculous things hanging from people’s rear view mirrors?

Shiny Stuff That Can Reflect Blinding Sunlight

Compact discs.

CDs hang from some rear view mirrors. Yes, CDs are still out there, and some people still listen to their music that way. But as more and more people make the leap to digital audio, CDs have had to go somewhere. Maybe we can call it a great move for the environment when what was once just a medium for storing music has turned into a decorative motif. On the one hand, CDs are nice and shiny, and really capture the light. Theycan cast glare in any number of directions. This is more than just an annoyance — it can lead to temporary blindness and cause accidents.


Another object that can reflect sunlight that people hang from their rearview mirrors are sunglasses.This presents two hazards. Like the CDs, sunglasses can cast a glare. But unlike CDs, which have no helpful intention in the car, your shades got that nickname because they are intended to keep the sun’s rays out of your eyes. And when they don’t, the glare that hits you from anything becomes just that much worse than it would have otherwise been. This also causes accidents.

Big Stuff That Blocks the Windshield

From trolls to deodorizers.

These hanging objects aren’t shiny, but they’re big – big enough to block too much of the driver’s view of the road. Objects liketrolls, charms of various types, and huge deodorizers which may or may not actually work all can be spotted dangling from rearview mirrors. While they can be aesthetically pleasing and they definitely make a statement about their owner’s personality (a statement which may or may not be positive), they still get in the way of a driver’s view. Any obstruction can become a distraction, and any obstruction can also cause a blind spot where none would otherwise exist. But it isn’t just about blocking light.

In the old days, people dangled the tassles from graduation caps or those small tree-shaped deodorizers from rearview mirrors. We learned not to let those small objects take our attention from the road. But now, what’s hanging from many rear view mirrors is either too big to ignore, or too shiny to avoid. The end result are distracted drivers. Contrary to popular belief, trees don’t “jump out from nowhere” at your car. Sadly, people just do not notice them. If you insist on fuzzy dice or handcuffs, let’s just hope you have a good car insurance company on your side.

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3 Responses

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  2. The most annoying things to me that people hang are those ugly deodorizers shaped like a tree and necklaces/beads. I’ve also seen people with small stuffed animals hanging there. I hang nothing from mine; my line of vision is 100% clear and unobstructed.

  3. Corey says:

    I’ve got a deodorizer hanging from my rearview mirror (currently rocking blue – I have no idea what it’s supposed to smell like), but it’s the small kind and is almost completely hidden by the mirror itself.