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Morris Minor Millennium Company: New Life in Small Cars

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Morris Minor

My bet is that most people out there have no idea what a Morris Minor is even though there were 1.3 million of them built between 1948-1971. The Morris Minor was one of Britain’s first real economy cars and was a favorite of the working class because of its rugged dependability, multiple configurations and ease of use. Cars like everything else age, and because of this restorers like Martin Wood and son Paul, owners of the Morris Minor Millennium Company in the UK, have developed a business centered around bringing these little masterpieces back to life. What’s interesting though is how Martin Wood actually got into the business of restoring these cars. You see his family had originally lived in Nigeria where the Morris Minor was a key mode of transportation for the people there. Upon returning to England, Martin’s father set-up the restoration shop, the same one where he and his son have been wrenching ever since. He also explains how their average customer is not what you’d expect, as their ages range from the mid-20’s to the mid-40’s. As Martin puts it, the Minor’s appeal is a mixture of nostalgia, simplicity and the wonderful retro design.

Source: RalfBecker.com

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