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Morgan Brings Back The Past

Posted in European Rides, Geneva Motor Show, Morgan by Kurt Ernst | February 26th, 2011 | 2 Responses |

The Morgan 3. Image: Morgan Motor Company

If you know anything at all about the Morgan Motor Company, it’s probably that they’re steeped in tradition. No matter what the rest of the world does, Morgan continues to produce hand built automobiles, most with ash wood frames, for customers who appreciate them. Morgans aren’t the fastest automobiles, they’re not the best handling and they’re not the most luxurious, but that doesn’t seem to impact their sales in the slightest. As if the company wasn’t quirky enough, they’re now borrowing a page from their own history and re-launching a three wheeler.

Image: Morgan Motor Company

Massively popular in pre and post WWII England, three wheelers offered the affordability of a motorcycle with (nearly) the practicality of an automobile. Morgan built three wheelers from 1909 up until 1953, when demand for the “cycle cars” waned. Morgan thinks there’s a market for the oddball contraptions, so it’s relaunching the Morgan 3 at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. Power comes from an S&S sourced V-Twin, said to be good for 115 horsepower, and goes to the single rear wheel. As with the original three wheelers, oversteer (especially on wet roads) will likely be the order of the day. The company isn’t releasing any details on weight or performance, but I’d expect that 115 horsepower will be plenty to make this thing go. If not, there are plenty of companies selling go fast parts for S&S engines.

Pricing is where the Morgan 3 starts to lose its appeal, at least for me. In the U.K., pricing will start at just over $40,000, and that’s before you add taxes or options. That may make this the cheapest product that Morgan sells, but that’s an awful lot of bangers and mash for a pleasure vehicle that can only be driven in sunny weather. I’m sure Morgan will sell all they can build, and I’d love to take one for a ride (preferably in England’s Lake District), but I won’t be adding my name to the prospective customer list.

Source: Carscoop

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