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Ford Weathering Downturn by Grabbing Market Share

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In stark contrast to the calamities befalling their crosstown rivals (or perhaps because of them), Ford is aggressively grabbing market share as Americans increasingly turn to Ford for domestic cars and trucks. The numbers are impressive considering that any good news in this sort of economic climate is rather incredible. More details below.

<i>2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid on display.</i>

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid on display.

The biggest news is that Ford has increased its market share by 4.7% since September of 2008, to 16.8% of the domestic market. Furthermore, they’ve been able to do this while spending less on incentives – down to approximately $2800 per vehicle, versus nearly $4000 last September. Ford’s new vehicles, like the Fusion, have helped the company significantly. The new Fusion saw sales rise 9.4% in May. All in all, it’s good news for fans of the Dearborn boys.

[Source: Freep.com]

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2 Responses

  1. Its great to see that some car manufacturers are trying to make cars a little cheaper and affordable to the market especially in these hard financial times. With this there is an increase in car sales for Ford, but then again Ford has always been a little more affordable to the public.

  2. IN these hard times when we are kept being told we have to tighten your belts and save and not spend its great to see manufacturers like Ford that are making cars a little cheaper for those that have no option but have to get a new car knowing that they can at affordable prices.