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More Recalls for Toyota: 2010 Tundra Pick-up

Posted in Recalls, Toyota, Trucks by MrAngry | March 17th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Tundra Recall

At this point Toyota should just issue a statement recalling every model they’ve produced in the last 5 years. Seriously, it’s getting embarrassing at this point. They are obviously doing everything they can to rebuild their now tarnished image which is a good thing. It just seems like they’re now recalling every single model in their line-up.

The most current recall is for the 2010 Tundra pick-up truck. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sights that there is a potential problem with the front propeller shaft. This can cause a crack to develop in one of the joints that may lead to the drive shaft separating and falling away from the truck, causing the vehicle to lose control. I have had this happen and I can tell you from experience this is no fun. If you have one of these trucks I would HIGHLY recommend you get it into Toyota pronto.

Get the full recall info at Pickuptrucks.com

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