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More Proof That Australians Are Insane – A V-8 Kei Car

Posted in Bizarre, Burnouts, Cool Stuff, Hoonage, Videos by Kurt Ernst | October 20th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

The Suzuki Mighty Boy was, by all rational descriptions, an utterly forgettable car. Considered a “kei car,” or light automobile, the Mighty Boy could best be described as an Isuzu Amigo, rendered in 1/2 scale. It was underpowered as well as being tiny, and most made do with a 543cc engine, good for around 25 horsepower. What they lacked in power or functionality, the Mighty Boys made up for with a low price, and the Mighty Boy had the dubious distinction of being the cheapest automobile in Australia from 1985 to 1998.

Enter Matt Sultana, a Mighty Boy fan who thought it would be fun to add a bit more grunt to the tiny ute, courtesy of a 5.7-liter Holden V-8. We’re guessing the engine is a GM-sourced LS1 V-8, which means it’s good for a minimum of 350 horsepower in stock trim. That seems like enough to move a 1,200 car with a wheelbase equal to a skateboard.

Enjoy the tire-smoke induced dementia in the video below, found on the “Add A Motor To It” You Tube channel.

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