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More Hollywood Memorabilia hits the auction block

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Hollywood Auction of the General Lee

If you have been waiting all your life to snatch up some Automotive Hollywood memorabilia now is your chance. On August 2nd through the 3rd there will be 1000 items of prized Hollywood history on the auction block. The live auction will begin at Noon and phone bids and ebayliveauction bids will be accepted.

Among the items being auctioned are some automotive gems such as:

The General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard
Tony Soprano’s Suburban from HBO’s Soprano’s
Tom Cruise’s Mello-Yello stock car from Days of Thunder
Uncle Rico’s van from Napoleon Dynamite
The Original Energizer Bunny (okay, not so automotive, but it is mechanical!)

A sample of the not-so-automotive items being auctioned include:

Chewbacca’s head (the mask, not the actors head) from Star Wars
Elvis Presley’s Karati gi
Catwoman’s costume from Batman and Robin
Johnny Five “Number Five Alive” from the film Short Circuit
The Statue of Liberty’s head from Planet of the Apes
Harry Houdini’s hand cuffs

To follow the news from the 2-day auction or to see photos of some of the items up for auction go to Wizard Universe. If you would like to download a full list of all the items to be auctioned off go to Profiles in History.

Thanks for the link, Ben!

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