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More Hijinks With Jenson Button And Lewis Hamilton

Posted in Bizarre, Formula 1, Funny Videos, General, McLaren, Videos by Kurt Ernst | July 13th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Vodafone is getting their money’s worth out of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. The McLaren Mercedes teammates have appeared in a series of ads this year, most of which have been subtle plugs for the British telecom company. It’s rare to see F1 teammates get along, let alone riff on each other and enjoy a laugh or two. Who knew that Jenson Button has two VW camper vans in his collection?

I’d love to see the same kind of ad campaign from Red Bull, featuring Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel. I’m pretty sure that Vettel has a restraining order on Webber after last weekend’s race at Silverstone, and producers would be wise to keep anything that could be used as a weapon away from the Red Bull Renault teammates. Maybe they should spend a weekend camping with Button and Hamilton, just to learn how to get along with each other.

Source: Autoblog

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