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Photo: B. Cortis

Have you achieved nirvana this week? Probably not, and it’s only Tuesday. Since the rest of the week is going to be a grind, kick back and enjoy a few more automotive haikus. They won’t get you any closer to nirvana (or Friday, for that matter), but they may make you chuckle. Do you have a better offer for a Tuesday?

Lexus Cars

Lexus LS460
Sure, they are well built
But handle like river boats
Japanese Buick

Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA
Japanese Buick?
Finally we build sports car
No one can afford


2007 Lamborghini Murcielago
Fast car gets you laid
Also can burst into flames
Need condoms, Nomex

Maybach 57S Coupe

Maybach 57S Coupe Concept
A two door Maybach
Shows Ron Jeremy was right
Only size matters

2011 Ford Explorer

A front wheel drive truck?
With computer suspension?
Get stuck, just reboot

2010 Trans Am

2011 Trans Am Concept

Photo: ASC

Gear heads say, “Yes please”
GM says, “No bird for you,”
“Shut up, buy Chevy”

2012 Land Rover LRX

Land Rover LRX Concept
Front wheel drive Rover?
The ultimate blasphemy
Not for off roading

Kia Soul

Kia has great ads
Driving hamsters number one
Loved by Richard Gere

VW Passat CC

Good car, great styling
But Volkswagen’s been smoking crack
V6 is how much?

Nissan GT-R

Looks good, stupid fast
Handling like a slot car
Why buy LFA?

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One Response

  1. inthebuff says:

    Richard Gere comment is just not right. It was a gerbil.