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Mopar Ram Runner is set to take on Ford Raptor.

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Dodge Ram Runner

The Mopar Ram Runner is Chrysler’s answer to Ford’s stellar Raptor off-road pick-up. When the Raptor was first released it sent other manufacturers scrambling for something that could compete with the blue ovals desert devouring machine. The Ram Runner could be such a truck, if that is, you choose to equip it that way. You see Chrysler is taking a bit of a different approach then Ford, as they want you to actually build the truck yourself. For instance, if you are the owner of a Ram 1500 series pick-up truck you’ll soon be able to purchase every bolt-on part available to turn your Ram into a Raptor killer. Everything from the Stage 2 Ram Runner Suspension Kit for $13,270, to the sport performance hood ($978), to a wicked cat-back exhaust system ($1,135) can all be yours if you have the greenbacks in your wallet. Chrysler’s approach to the Ram Runner tells me that they just have no interest in producing a full-on competitor for Ford’s Raptor. If they did, hell… they’d just build the damn thing and sell it through their dealerships.

Source: Autoblog.com

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