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Monticello Motor Club talks to Bernie Ecclestone about bringing Formula 1 back to the U.S.

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Moticello Motor Club

Formula 1 had its last sanctioned race in the United States back in 2007 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and since then fans have been wondering if it was ever going to return to U.S. soil. Monticello Motor Club is a country-club-style racing venue that is located just 90 minutes north of New York City and according to a letter written by the clubs president Ari Strauss to club members, F1 may indeed be coming back to the U.S. and to a venue that most would have not predicted.

Bernie Ecclestone

The Letter States:

Dear member,

Within the next day, you may read that Formula One is planning a return to the United States and has their sights on a special location in New York: Monticello Motor Club.

A few months ago, [MMC chairman] Bill McMichael and I met with Bernie Ecclestone, President/CEO of Formula One Management (FOM), and discussed the terms for an exclusive 10-year United States Grand Prix to be hosted at MMC. Shortly thereafter, Hermann Tilke, the chief engineer and circuit designer for F1, spent time at MMC and confirmed that our track and surrounding properties, with some expansion and minor track modifications, is an excellent location for a Grand Prix. Since receiving a letter of understanding from FOM confirming their hope to bring the U.S. Grand Prix to Monticello, Bill and I have continued to secure the backing and support of local, state, and federal politicians and organizations.

If F1 comes to Monticello, our intent is to preserve MMC as, first and foremost, a private country club. Obviously, demand will accelerate as well as the initiation fee for new members. But securing F1 is like winning the Olympics, competition is fierce, and this is not a done deal. While the prospect of F1 at MMC is exciting, we remain focused on our core business: the club and its members.

At this juncture, we are simply honored that F1 is considering our venue as the future, exclusive home for the U.S. Grand Prix. It would transform the region into one of the motorsports capitals of the world, bring thousands of jobs to Sullivan County, inject over $100M each year into the local economy, and place your private club in the company of famous racing circuits like Monza and Spa.

Warmest regards,


Bill McMichael

Apparently the planning for this venture has been going on for quite some time as Ari Strauss and MMC chairman Bill McMichael had met with Bernie Ecclestone months ago. The other piece of the puzzle is that Strauss and McMichael are trying to gain the support of local, state and federal politicians to help secure financing for the deal because as the letter states: “securing F1 is like winning the Olympics”.

Source: Autoweek.com

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  1. Greg says:

    This would be epic! That track is certainly capable of hosting such an event! I hope it goes through!!!