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Monster Sports: Ken Block’s New Ride, and Ryan Capes Record Jump

Posted in Motorcycle, Rally by UDMan | January 26th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Monster Energy Drinks leaked the long awaited video on Ken Block’s new Ford Fiesta, and our friends at Jalopnik put it up on their site this morning, along with a couple of images of the car. The Video has it all; Panning images of the car, Ken with what looks like a light saber, and a sound track that is in no way related to the images, but had a drop dead hook. This is Ken’s most ambitious tour yet, including six stops for the Rally America Championship, 7 stops for the WRC, and at X Games 16 in LA. More information at Monster World Rally Team website, which goes live tomorrow.

Not to be outdone, Ryan Capes broke the distance record on a bike with a 290 foot jump, on his modified Kawasaki KX500. This was overshadowed when his Monster Army teammate Johnny Graves broke the distance record in a truck of over 300 feet. The video showcases how Capes performed the jump, with his 4 attempts. This is the closest any one has come to the magical 300 foot mark on a bike. Take a look at MonsterEnergy.com for more updates.

By the way, does anyone really like the taste of Monster Energy Drinks? I admit to being older than dirt, but does an energy drink have to taste like crushed up candy?

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