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Modern-Day FoMoCo Yenko? 700HP Reed Speed Mustang

reed speed 1

You may remember the famous Yenko Chevies of the 1960s, where Don Yenko skirted GM’s restrictions on engine size and produced COPO-code big-block Camaros and Novas. Well, Randall Reed Ford is going to offer their own Yenko-style Ford Mustang, the Reed Speed SSE, through some affiliated dealerships, and theoretically across the nation. The result? A 700 HP, twin-turbo 2010 Ford GT created in partnership with Artisan Performance.

Artisan and Reed apparently have gone through the entire motor, beefing it up to handle 12 psi from the Artisan rear-mounted turbocharger setup, much like the Artisan Performance SA-600 Camaro. Other mods for handling and stopping, as well as appearance, abound. How much and where can you get one? No details yet, but if we get some, we’ll pass it along.

[Source: Autoblog]

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