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Fast Lane Daily: Modern Classics / Future Collectibles

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Road Testament

There has been a lot of talk lately about which cars from the last ten years or so could potentially carry some collector value in the future. Automobiles like the Corvette ZR1 and Ford GT are shoo-in’s, but what about cars like the Honda S2000 and first generation Mercedes-Benz CLS. Collector cars are hard to predict because one never knows where the future of the collector car hobby is going to end up. Cars like the Cadillac Allanté or the Ferrari 348 were once thought to be collectible, but now their nothing more than nice classics. Last week on Fast Lane Daily’s Road Testament, I sat down with Alex Roy and J.F. Musial to discuss what cars we’d purchase now in the hopes that they’d one day be worth a big fortune at Barrett-Jackson. Click through for the video.

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