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Mitsubishi’s Ambitious Sales Goal For The US: 100,000 within 3 years.

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The 2010 Lancer Sportback

Under the file heading of Ambitious, Mitsubishi’s new U.S. sales goal – 100,000 units – may not seem like a staggering number, but considering it is nearly double what Mitsubishi sold in 2009, it is an ambitious figure. In 2009, Mitsubishi sold just under 54,000 units — down significantly from the 97,257 units it sold in 2008 and 128,993 in 2007, according to Ward’s Auto. The Japanese automaker’s lineup hasn’t resonated with American consumers, but the products apparently aren’t the only component to blame.

The 2010 Eclipse GT

That effort starts with additional advertising on products like the Lancer Sportback, a five-door hatchback that one executive tells Ward’s that Mitsubishi has “neglected” to promote enough. The recently refreshed Outlander SUV will likely help sales going forward, but the upcoming Outlander Sport will most likely have the greatest impact on Mitsubishi’s U.S. sales.

The Outlander GT Concept

In the next three years, Mitsubishi will have little trouble meeting its 100,000-unit sales goal if it can find the R&D resources to introduce desperately needed new products. The models in question are the now refreshed but very old Endeavor midsize crossover, the Mitsubishi Eclipse coupe and convertible, and aging (some say ancient) Galant midsize sedan.

The Honda... er Nissan... ah Toyota... oh yea the Galant!

Source: Automobile Magazine

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