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Mitsubishi Withdraws From Dakar Rally, Blames Bad Economy

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Mitsubishi Motors announced today that they will no longer participate in any Cross Country Rallying, including the famed Dakar Rally. Despite enjoying a successful run within the circuit in the past, the struggling economy has forced Mitsubishi to shift its focus dramatically and eliminate costly expenditures that aren’t immediately commercially viable. Unfortunately, in addition to the turbulent times, another nail in Mitsubishi Motorsports’ coffin was the currently rapidly-growing trend of “going green.” Many consumers are no longer interested in conquering the unpaved wilderness and instead are flocking towards fuel-efficient compacts and full-hybrid vehicles.

While Mitsubishi’s indefinite withdrawl certainly leaves room for the possibility of a future return, the company has yet to offer any such timetable confirming as much.


Mitsubishi Motors to withdraw from Dakar Rally

TOKYO, February 4, 2009 — Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) announced today their decision to withdraw from Cross Country Rallying, starting with the legendary Dakar Rally.

In its 26 entries in this event, Mitsubishi Motors won the rally a total of 12 times, including seven consecutive victories. In addition to this unparalleled record the company also gained 4WD technology that informs its production vehicles, most visible in their durability and off road performance.

The sudden deterioration of the global economy made it necessary for the company to focus its resources more tightly, leading to today’s announcement.

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