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Mitsubishi Throws Change-Up, Plans New Global Compact

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Today, Mitsubishi confirmed plans to release a new compact car based on the Concept-cX unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2007. Part of Mitsubishi’s Project Global, the as-yet-unnamed compact will sit atop the newest generation of Mitsu’s mid-size global platform and launch the Japanese automaker into new market territory. Unlike their current products currently in development, Mitsubishi’s new compact crossover will reach for the golden trifecta: fuel efficient, trendy, and trail-rated. The latter attribute is the one that piques our interest most, especially given Mitsu’s claims that the new compact will be able to compete in the “authentic off-road segment.” To those who have been around the block (no lousy pun intended), that means the final product will most likely be some sort of MINI Cooper/Forester bastard child – which we don’t mind that all.

For now, the only visual available to satisfy the curiosity sparked by the vague (yet intriguing) press release is the rendering above, but we expect more photos to drop in the months proceeding its scheduled unveiling at Geneva in 2010.

Source: Mitsubishi

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