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Mitsubishi Prepping Volt Rival?

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<i>Mitsubishi already makes the MiEV electric kei-car.</i>

Mitsubishi already makes the MiEV electric kei-car.

Mitsubishi, an oft-forgotten Japanese brand who has fallen on hard(er) times despite the profile of the STi-fighting Evo, is apparently developing an extended-range electric vehicle (EREV) to rival Chevy’s Volt. Just like the volt, it will have a series-type hybrid system, meaning there will be no mechanical connection between the gas motor and the wheels. The engine will simply be used to generate electricity to power the electric motors, which is good, actually, because it will be a rather anemic 660cc three-cylinder mill pulled from the “i” minicar. But there will be an important difference from the Volt – make the jump for more.

While the Volt is a Prius-shaped sedan, the Mitsubishi EREV will be a small SUV in the Outlander size class. Mitsubishi is projecting a 40-mile range on electricity alone. No word on AWD capabilities, but with an electric drivetrain that wouldn’t be difficult. How will the new EREV be received? Frankly, it needs to make a splash if Mitsubishi wants to get back in the game in the US. This should be interesting.

[Source: Autocar]

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