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MIT developing Smart Car for the elderly

Posted in Car Tech, Concept Cars by David | June 2nd, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

MIT is developing a concept vehicle called the Aware Car, which could revolutionize how elderly take the road. I have a friend who is nearing 100 years old and still has a drivers license although they no longer drive at night. Ive often wondered how safe it is for them to be on the road at all.

With MIT and others developing technology that will monitor how the elderly take the road I am certain we can see changes in the types of technology that ensure safety for elderly and disabled drivers.

A $1.5 million prototype is being tested at the AgeLab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to perfect the Aware Car, which seeks to help specifically elder motorists to be safer while driving.

Using infrared cameras and mini cameras, the unit under construction measures the driver’s habits and would react if the one behind the wheel veers away from his usual response. The cameras monitors the driver’s eye and eyelid movements, while the driver’s heart rate, blood pressure and respiration are monitored and the data sent to a device on the trunk that could detect lane drifting. At the back seat is a computer monitor from where real-time data periodically show up.

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