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Missouri Teen Crashes Truck To Escape Abductor, Needs Course On “Convincing Excuses For Playing Hooky 101″

Posted in General by Suzanne Denbow | September 19th, 2008 | 2 Responses |

In Leadington, Missouri, high school football star Kory Wakefield has become the center of a bizarre story after he was abducted last week. According to the Kansas City Star, shortly after leaving his house for school at around7:20 am on Monday morning, Wakefield was approached by a man with a gun and ordered to get into his [Wakefield’s] truck and drive to Columbia. Although it’s unclear exactly how, at some point between Wakefield leaving the house and eventually being discovered by police, he text messaged his girlfriend, Katelyn Neff, “HELP.”

“[That’s] When I knew something was wrong,” Katelyn explained, “Because Kory would never joke like that.” At that point Wakefield’s family began to worry and immediately sent out the alert that something was wrong. After repeated calls to Wakefield’s cell phone were sent directly to voicemail, Wakefield’s aunt finally got through to Wakefield, who sounded terrified and was pleading for someone to help him. Next, Wakefield called his father Sonny, who told the boy to hang up and dial 911. Wakefield did, and the police responded to the call, finding Wakefield in the Macon County, MI wildlife area. Wakefield told authorities that the man with the gun had ordered him into the woods, where Wakefield feared he would be murdered. Apparently deciding this was his only way out, Wakefield intentionally collided head-on with a pile of logs, knocking both himself and his abductor unconscious. When he recovered, he saw another man helping his abductor out of the vehicle, and decided to “play dead” to avoid being noticed. After the two men left, Wakefield called the police. Based on the description given, police are looking for a 35-40 year-old man, about 5’5″, with a reddish-brown ponytail.

Final weird element: police dusted the vehicle thoroughly for prints, and found only Wakefield’s.

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2 Responses

  1. Katt says:

    Among the things that don’t quite add up with this story, how does the boy know they were both knocked out if he himself was unconscious?

  2. Guyon says:

    Busted. Probably wants himself a new truck.