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Missionary Builds FAA Approved Flying Car.

Posted in Baja, Bizarre, car modifications, Car Tech, Concept Cars, Conversion Kits, Cool Stuff, Custom, DIY, Subaru, Videos by MrAngry | October 29th, 2010 | 4 Responses |

Steve Saint is a missionary that has done what countless others have tried to do and failed, he’s built a flying car that actually works. While doing the Lord’s work down in Ecuador, Saint saw the need for a vehicle that needed to be simple, economical and very intuitive, thus he began working on the i-Tec Maverick. By utilizing a 170-hp, flat-four engine out of a Subaru, a ram-air wing which is similar in design to those used on powered parachutes and light a fabric concealed frame, the Maverick is able to combine flight with light weight and performance. The main goal when developing a successful frontier vehicle, according to Saint was that:

“it must be rugged and easy to service in remote areas, use widely available automotive fuel, and be able to fly over terrain when the roads inevitably fail. The Maverick is designed to meet – and exceed – these requirements, and do so in an efficient and straightforward manner.”

Approved for flight by the FAA, Saint hopes to have the Maverick on sale by July 2011, just in time for AirVenture 2011: The World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration. Price on the Maverick is said to be around $84,000, which isn’t that bad for this wild two-for-one combo. Apparently the Lord does work in mysterious ways…

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4 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    $84k not bad? I think that’s a little excessive for a dune buggy with a parachute and a prop attached to it.

  2. eddie_454 says:

    ok its a dune buggy with a parasail on it .lets be real.

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  4. Hadwin, Leow says:

    no comment at this time