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Mission Electric Motorcycle Breaks 150MPH

Posted in Electric Cars, Electric Vehicles, Emissions, Environment, Land Speed Record, Motorcycle, Newsworthy, Plug-In Vehicles, Racing, Sportbikes by Alex Kierstein | September 15th, 2009 | 3 Responses |


Electric motorcycles are so new that it’s hard to put their performance characteristics into perspective. Mission Motors, one of the new breed of electrified two-wheeled manufacturers, has accomplished the mechanical equivalent of sprinting a couple of weeks after you’re born: breaking the 150 MPH mark (and unofficially breaking the electric motorcycle land speed record) less than two years after the company was founded. Mission’s baby took to the Bonneville salt and hit a two-way average of 150.059 MPH, with an earlier unofficial sprint of up to 161 MPH. The bike is still a prototype; however, it’s the same bike that took 4th place at the TTxGP “Green Grand Prix” at the Isle of Man earlier this year.


The Silicon Valley startup company is looking to be “the Tesla” of electric bikes (we’re not sure if that should be such a compliment) and is stuffed with Tesla expatriates and other similarly-minded free-thinkers. The goal is to make a superbike that is competitive with conventionally-powered alternatives, and with this accomplishment so early in the development cycle of the prototype (7 months!), we think it’s a promising start. Especially since battery and motor technology is finally picking up speed with parallel developments in the automotive world. The plug-n-play aspect of an electric motorcycle is really compelling, so as Mission keeps developing the chassis we’ll get more and more excited. They’re looking to start selling a $70,000 production version of this bike next year, but all the specs are under tight wraps, so we don’t have any numbers for you to digest. Patience, friends, patience.


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3 Responses

  1. Kent Riches says:

    Jeremy said…”and then come out here to Bonneville and dismantle the prior electric world speed record,”….
    What kind of punk lame statement is that?…. I have the worlds fastest electric motorcycle record at 176.434 with a 1 way pass of 179.089 and they have yet to exceed it…. actually they have yet to exceed mike Corbin’s 1974 record of 164mph….. total marketing BS…. The Mission people are very aware of my records and other records but choose to ignore our accomplishments for their marketing gains…. “Punks” total disrespectful punks…
    Kent Riches

  2. bob cajun says:

    Who’s calling who a punk? I guess Kent cant help but toot his own horn: Mission are claiming the record for a PRODUCTION bike, not for one offs, customs, or race only machines. pretty clearly stated on their website, if you can read.
    Considering the technology differences in the Mission One, compared to what even existed in customs 10 years ago, pretty lame and punk ass to diss it!

    • Kent Riches says:

      Mission has yet to produce a “production” motorcycle… all they have made is 1! And so have I!!! So I guess I can claim I have the fastest “production” motorcycle as they have!!! Actually most sanctioned race bodies have minimums for production (AMA=50 units, FIM=50 units. SCTA and ECTA as well as DRLA=500units) get the hint? Also their claimed record is still slower than my existing record…. Maybe if you ever built anything and went to the cost and effort to set a “certified” world record you would understand….