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Missed Wörthersee? No Worries, We’ve Got You Covered

Posted in Audi, Automotive Event, Videos, Volkswagen by Kurt Ernst | June 18th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Nothing makes women hotter than an alligator skin Audi with scissor doors...

If you’re a VW or Audi fan, chances are you’ve heard of Wörthersee. It’s a lake in southern Austria, but it’s also home to the largest annual gathering of VW and Audi fans in the world. It’s best described as “Sturgis meet Sprockets”, if you get the reference to the old Saturday Night Live skit with Mike Myers. Picture thousands of heavily drinking Germans, Austrians and other Euros, turning their collective freak knobs up to 12, and you get the picture. It’s fun for families, too!

VW and Audi typically roll out some impressive new cars and concepts at the event, and this year was no exception. VW launched their 35th anniversary GTI, which comes loaded and packs 235 horsepower instead of 200. Audi rolled out their A1 clubsport quattro concept, and we salivated. Who wouldn’t jones over a car the size of a shopping cart, with 500 horsepower and quattro AWD? Don’t expect to see it in showrooms any time soon, but just knowing it exists is good enough for me. Enjoy the video below.

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