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Minnesota Vikings & ALA Team Up To Reward Flex Fuel Vehicles

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In what can best be described as an extremely odd move, the Minnesota Vikings and the American Lung Association have joined forces to reward drivers of flex-fuel vehicles. During Viking’s home games, fans with vehicles capable of running on both ethanol (E85) and gasoline will be given complimentary parking in the coveted Gold Lot at 401 4th Street South. Unfortunately, lot capacity and budget concerns mean only the first 25 FFV will be able to take advantage of the premium parking, all others will have to fork over the standard $40 fee.

No word yet on whether they’ll be rewarding drivers who lack the financial resources to purchase an FFV that are still forced to use [redacted] E85 thanks to [redacted] statewide regulations and are subsequently causing irreparable damage to their engine because it wasn’t originally engineered to run on [redacted] corn. Not that we’re bitter.

Source: PRNewswire

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  1. Commercials, they are made nowadays in more creative ways. Vikings must have earn a lot.