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Mini to become more eco friendly

Posted in Mini by davidallen | May 28th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

BMW the Minis owner, are to implement the changes that have be applied to the BMW 118d, which includes the automatic stop start future, where if the car is at a standstill for a period of time it will automatically stop the engine and then as the driver goes to pull off again, it will automatically start up.


The ideas behind this are to show that the mini can be a very economical vehicle, they even intend to change the diesel engine into something that will rival any eco friendly car, idling the those that use hybrid technology, the Mini Cooper D, will become the ranges flagship for green driving, as they propose to develop this into a 72.4 mile per gallon car, and with co2 emissions of a mere 104g/km, but that is not all, they have also introduced a new regenerative braking system, which utilizes some the wasted power that is used when braking, there is also an indicator now, that displays to the driver which gear to select, combined these features are the reason behind the impressive figures for mpg etc.


These figures show that BMW are committed not only to developing green and clean cars, but also their commitment to the mini car itself, however there are no plans at the moment for the Mini Cooper D to be available in the US, yet!

Source [Autocar]

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