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MINI Marketing at its Best: Porsche vs. MINI, the result.

Posted in General, Mechanics, Mini, Police, Politics, Pontiac, Pop Culture, Popular Cars, Porsche, Video Games, Videos by MrAngry | June 23rd, 2010 | 3 Responses |

In a result that should surprise absolutely no one, Porsche bested MINI at the Road Atlanta auto-x / race course by 2 seconds a lap and as MINI put it, that is $38,000 per second as compared to the Porsche’s price tag. Now some of you out there are going to totally crush MINI for even attempting to throw a challenge like this out there, but before you do you need to look a little deeper to see what MINI’s true goal really was.

We all knew, as did MINI that they were going to get their ass handed to them by going up against Porsche, for MINI though it was a true win win situation. First off, look at their demographic. They target male and female middle income buyers who range from ages 18-39. This is a pretty broad spectrum so knowing this MINI chose an opponent for which they knew they could not win against, they did this for a few reasons. First off by challenging Porsche they immediately put themselves in the same class (figuratively speaking of course), second they put themselves out there as the underdog and third they marketed the race virally by utilizing Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, a strategy that’s simply brilliant.

Mini vs Porsche

Just about every automotive blog out there picked up on the story and followed as MINI released their little video’s. We eagerly awaited the response from Porsche, then we got all ramped up when Hyundai jumped into the fray and in the end, regardless of the fact that they lost, MINI got exactly what they wanted. Keep in mind also that it would’ve made no difference if MINI had chosen Lamborghini or Ferrari as they just needed some high-end manufacturer to use as cannon fodder to gain their desired result. Porsche unfortunately just so happen to be that company. In the end MINI got millions and millions of people in their target demographic interested in the brand. It was a great strategy from the get-go with results that, in the end, let MINI have the last laugh.

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3 Responses

  1. J:M says:

    Porsche did not even show up, so they hired a driver and got a privately owned 911. The great marketing plan they had (which I believed was awesome until I read the facts) backfired when they did what Porsche did to them, by ignoring Hyundai’s challenge. You’re right that they got a bunch of eyes on the mini, but it’s not the demographic it’s people that ARE ALREADY Mini fans. So if the demographic didn’t understand the facts that it wasn’t the actual Road to Atlanta course (but some small cone course they made in the middle concourse), that Porsche wasn’t officially there, or Mini totally ignored how Hyundai wanted to take Porsche’s place, then IT WORKED! I just don’t think they’re that stupid and if they are, they deserve to be sheep and imagine they’re in the Italian job while cruising to work.

  2. 911 says:

    Now you can chalenge Lada VS MINI, MINI will lose in time and in price.

  3. anna_k says:

    you always seem bigger on giant shoulders. Porsche shoulders.